Hell & Back

Hello there! 

Well, if you are finding yourself reading this, you might be thinking about doing a 'Hell & Back' race.  My best advice- stop thinking about it and DO IT!  It will be SUCH a blast, you will enjoy yourself immensely and the fantastic journey to get there will make crossing that finish line SO AMAZING. 

Please feel free to have a read of my previous training plan for Hell & Back Apollo.  I created an 8 week training plan (kind of a 'couch to Hell & Back race' thing) and had a lovely following of people from across the country who trained with me (in spirit!).  We all completed 'Apollo' in June of this year and couldn't be more thrilled and elated afterwards. 

I ran Apollo with my team mates, 'The Mudslingers' and we all had such an amazing time.  The 12 km was broken up perfectly with hideously challenging yet painfully enjoyable obstacles.  Where one of us was weak, the other was strong, so between us all, we got through it. 

We ran (!!)  Hell & Back Titan in November- the 14KM of deliciousness just flew by... No, I swear it did.  LOL

Here are the links for my training plan for Titan:

G for Go! Titan.

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 1

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 2

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 3

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 4

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 5

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 6

Hell & Back Titan training, Week 7- The FINAL WEEK

Hell & Back, Titan, almost D Day

Hell & Back Titan- Apres race breakdown and thank you's... LOL

Here are the links to the training plan for Apollo:

Preparing for training. THE PLAN, Week -2

Getting baselines to start from, THE PANIC, Week -1

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 1

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 2

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 3

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 4

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 5

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 6

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 7

Hell & Back Apollo training, Week 8

Post race- Apollo Hints and Tips

Hell & Back Apollo, Its all over. Race descriptions and thanks.

In case you need a reminder of what Apollo was like, or would like an insight into the race... Here you go!

Convinced you yet???  

Toodles for now!

Jen :)


  1. Hi Jen

    Question for you. I am signed up for Titan, my first H&B so I'm scared, nervous, excited - the lot.
    Among MANY of my fears for this is losing my trainers only ~3k in in a swamp or something! I really want to finish the course. Any tips for securing trainers? I am reading horrors stories of people losing them. I dont think I could complete barefoot!
    Have searched the site but cant find any faq section that addresses this partucular fear!

  2. Hi Karyn!

    Thank you for your comment, and congratulations on signing up for your first Hell and Back. You are going to love it!
    I would hugely recommend training in the runners that you plan to wear on the day. Not only will they be super comfortable, but will be well moulded to your feet.

    During Trojan and Apollo I saw some 'interesting' footwear adaptations (duct taping runners on, feet in plastic bags first, etc) only to pass those people later, sliding all over the place and eventually ripping the duct tape off. The ones that lost runners- well, their runners looked ancient- probably an old pair that they wore so they could get trashed, sothey probably didn't lace up as well.
    I wouldn't worry too much about loosing one. If one does pop off on you, you should easily find it to put back on. :)

    Good luck with your training!


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