Thursday, June 5, 2014


Today I met Afew very inspiring people.  Two in particular stood out.  

The first was a lovely lady whom, while casually chatting, mentioned that today was the first time in two years that she had worn shoes.  It turns out that this amazing woman was coming to the end of a two year journey of sailing around the world.  
I listened in awe as she spoke of her travels and experiences.  Of tiny villages where families had nothing but were the happiest and most content people she has ever met.  
Where the local 'shop' sold bic razors individually rather than in the pack of 5 as they were such a luxury item, and shampoo and shower gel was sold only in teeny bottles, much like the complimentary ones most people usually ignore in hotels.  
She had packed up her life for two years to go on her adventure.  Now, I am in awe of anyone who can do that.  I mean, forgetting careers and managing to get a 2 year job break- but your house, family, friends, pets, stuff...all of it?  To sell/store/give away your life's gathered trinkets and leave your home like that?  Well, I have to admit- it got my adventure juices flowing!  I spent the next hour or two pining for the open ocean and reminiscing of sailing seasons and friends  missed and others sadly no longer with us. 

My daydreaming was interupted by a lovely cheery couple from Michigan in the USA.  There was something so very happy about each of them that I couldn't BUT start to chat and it was then I noticed a lens.  Gosh, she had a beautiful lens on a Canon, I did my best to hold back the drool.  Turns out she used to be a wedding photographer and was now travelling the globe and blogging of her travels. 
Check out her blog: 

So.  Hats off to all you folks out there following your dreams and taking the scary big steps to do so. I salute you and hope that one day, when my fledglings have left the nest, that I too will have the opportunity to go on many more adventures. 

I apologise for my lack of photographs and posts of late- my harddrive keeled over a while back and *sobs* it's not looking good... I *sobs again* didn't  have anything backed up. *flails*

So, with that- I give you a fairly mingy shot from my phone... 

Keep it real my lovelies.  Until next time!



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  1. Thanks so much Jen! It was awesome meeting you & chatting. I love my new bag from your store - I even took a picture and posted it on my blog Visiting County Cork, Ireland


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