Thursday, October 24, 2013

'THE' wedding of the year!

Hi folks!

Well, the batteries are charging, the lenses are cleaned, the kit bag is check, check, double and triple checked.  

No doubt the guests have arrived or are in transit to Ireland and definitely no doubt that West Cork know what's about to hit them.  

It will be celebration central in just Afew short hours away.  

The months and months of planning & crafts & lists & planning & research &, did I mention planning? 
Well, they are all paying off now as the hourglass is emptying and everything is smoothly coming together. 

I would like to wish the Bride and Groom the very best of luck on Saturday.  You are both very special people and it gives me great honour to be photographing your very special day.  

Did I ever mention that the very talented and amazing friend that is the bride to be actually played my 'walk down the aisle' music? No? 
Well, this fabulous lass plays the Clarinet and played 'Gabriels Oboe' (from the movie 'The Mission') as I walked down the aisle for my own wedding many a moon ago, so I owe them a good show.  ;) 

Break a leg, you fabulous couple (or rather, don't. Please. ;) )

Toodles for now. X

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