Monday, October 28, 2013

Hell & Back, Titan training. The Final Week!

Six days left!!! I repeat, six days left!  Argh!

Am I ready?  Um, hard to say but right this moment, I will say no. LOL

The wedding of fellow Musdlingers, Kerri & Alan went absolutely fabulously.  What an amazing day of photos, fun, dancing, a bit more dancing, and juuuust a little bit more dancing. 
(Pic is myself and the newly wed Mudslingers, Kerri & Alan- aren't they stunning!  I think we just MIGHT look a little different on Sunday.  Har har har) 

*note to self- don't spend the day in high heels, then dance most of the night in high heels when planning to do a Hell & Back the following week.*

I have, quite possibly, made the gruelishly  torturous Titan, even more painful for myself.  My calves are so very stiff and cramped up and I have burst blisters on the backs of my heels. OOPS!  It's completely my own fault though, so I had better suck it up and power on!  

Training these final days will consist of Afew gentle walks to stretch out my cheesy 90's dance moved muscles and ALOT of denial. 

I do hope the rest of our mudslinging team are finely tuned and ready to kick some butt as I just might be slowing is down on Sunday. LOL

Go, go power rangers.. I hope your training is paying off as we are into the final approach to Titan. I'll be back for a quick post before then.  

Toodles for now, fabulous people. ;)

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