Monday, October 28, 2013

Hell & Back, Titan training. The Final Week!

Six days left!!! I repeat, six days left!  Argh!

Am I ready?  Um, hard to say but right this moment, I will say no. LOL

The wedding of fellow Musdlingers, Kerri & Alan went absolutely fabulously.  What an amazing day of photos, fun, dancing, a bit more dancing, and juuuust a little bit more dancing. 
(Pic is myself and the newly wed Mudslingers, Kerri & Alan- aren't they stunning!  I think we just MIGHT look a little different on Sunday.  Har har har) 

*note to self- don't spend the day in high heels, then dance most of the night in high heels when planning to do a Hell & Back the following week.*

I have, quite possibly, made the gruelishly  torturous Titan, even more painful for myself.  My calves are so very stiff and cramped up and I have burst blisters on the backs of my heels. OOPS!  It's completely my own fault though, so I had better suck it up and power on!  

Training these final days will consist of Afew gentle walks to stretch out my cheesy 90's dance moved muscles and ALOT of denial. 

I do hope the rest of our mudslinging team are finely tuned and ready to kick some butt as I just might be slowing is down on Sunday. LOL

Go, go power rangers.. I hope your training is paying off as we are into the final approach to Titan. I'll be back for a quick post before then.  

Toodles for now, fabulous people. ;)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

'THE' wedding of the year!

Hi folks!

Well, the batteries are charging, the lenses are cleaned, the kit bag is check, check, double and triple checked.  

No doubt the guests have arrived or are in transit to Ireland and definitely no doubt that West Cork know what's about to hit them.  

It will be celebration central in just Afew short hours away.  

The months and months of planning & crafts & lists & planning & research &, did I mention planning? 
Well, they are all paying off now as the hourglass is emptying and everything is smoothly coming together. 

I would like to wish the Bride and Groom the very best of luck on Saturday.  You are both very special people and it gives me great honour to be photographing your very special day.  

Did I ever mention that the very talented and amazing friend that is the bride to be actually played my 'walk down the aisle' music? No? 
Well, this fabulous lass plays the Clarinet and played 'Gabriels Oboe' (from the movie 'The Mission') as I walked down the aisle for my own wedding many a moon ago, so I owe them a good show.  ;) 

Break a leg, you fabulous couple (or rather, don't. Please. ;) )

Toodles for now. X

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hell & Back, Titan; training. Week 6.

Let me start by a small release...
*cough cough* Pardon me. 

SO!  How are you all getting on with your training?  I am working more on strength training as I felt the last time this is where I faltered most.  I do fear that I am neglecting my cardio training and the weather really hasn't been doing much to encourage me to get out for runs, so I do hope that I don't falter during Titan. 

We were thinking about staying up in the Martello Tower for the night before or the night of Titan.  I am thinking the night of would be glorious as I am not sure my legs will handle the 3.5hr drive back to Kinsale after the 14km of torture in, who knows what type of weather.

Have any of you ever stayed there before?  It looks absolutely gorgeous. 
(Photo from the Martello Tower website)
They have a special offer rate to all Titan competitors of €60 and judging by the photos of their rooms, bar, restaurant & nightclub on their website, this is an absolute bargain.  Included in your €60 is Bed & Breakfast, two course dinner, free wifi, live entertainment and free entry into the nightclub (if your legs actually still work by then... har har har.  Sitting down shoes, methinks!)
Here is link to book directly in case you fancy it. :)

Like the sheer opposites- Fire and Ice, this seems like the perfect reward to completing the torture's of Titan. 

So, my plan this week... (I have recently buckled to my anti gym ethos, and joined my local gym so I can bring my kids swimming and lets face it, burn out their energy on these cold dark days...)  I am still doing my usual pull ups, sit ups etc, however my husband is helping me with structuring things while I am in there and actually use the equipment.  (I know, right... madness!  LOL)  SO- here we go:

Twice this week, I will add this to my daily training:

1000m row
As many pull ups as I can (about 5)
15 reps leg press
15 reps shoulder press
500m row
As many push ups as I can (about 13)
15 lunges
15 sit ups
500m row
15 lat pull downs
15 reps leg press
15 reps shoulder press
500m row
15 inclined pushups
15 lunges
15 sit ups



Jen :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hell and Back, Titan; Training, week 5.

Not much to say this week... I am late with this blogpost... Training is, well, it's going but I'm not feeling quite ready to Titan just yet.

I shall keep this post brief.

Watch this, keeping in mind to:
Add 2km...
Minus about 15degrees...
Add, more than likely, lots of rain and slushy mud.
Add ice (to the plunge pools that Organisers recently informed us...) nice. ;)


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Exciting news!

After numerous requests, I am thrilled to announce that I can (finally!) offer mounted prints for sale.  Each print is displayed with a snow white textured board mount, named, signed and enclosed in its own plastic sleeve for protection.  The outer dimensions are 16x12 inches. 

Exciting stuff, yes?  Well hang on to your hats so... MORE exciting news! 

Hamish Hawkin in Kinsale, Co Cork now have a selection of my prints available!  I feel very honoured that my prints will be for sale here, sitting proudly among the 'big boy' names such as 'Hunter', 'The Bridge', 'Orla Kiely' and 'Ursula Celano' to name but afew. 

So, If you are considering treating yourself or looking for a gift/s...whether you like to browse from the comfort of your home, or have a wander around the shops, please consider having a look at my available prints. 
The cost of each print is €15 and postage & packing is €4 in Ireland and €5 for the rest of the world.  Each can be personalised as required.

You can view them by clicking here or to see some in real life, drop in to Hamish Hawkin and have a browse. 

To order, please contact me by your method of choice:
via email:
via twitter: Jen_conroy
Via Facebook: Jen Conroy Photography

You can easily do your gift shopping for ALL the family in Hamish Hawkin.  (don't believe me?  I challenge you to take a visit and see for yourself.  :) )

Thanks for reading, folks!  Talk to you soon, and don't forget... only 76 days till Christmas!  :)


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hell & Back Training. Week 4.

Well now, this week has just flown and when I think that this time just four measly weeks away, Titan will be all over- well, that kind of makes me sad (and a little nauseous of what we will be put through given Hell & Back’s recent posts about power hoses & whatnot.  LOL)

Training is going well- all on schedule, but my diet... Oh crap (literally).  My diet has been poor.  My meals have been good & healthy but the snacking in-between, Meh.  The darn early specials on goodies for Halloween!  *shakes fist at shops marketing ploy*.  Does anyone else share my dangerous chocoholic tendencies?

I was thinking about what gear to wear for Titan this week.  It’s a tough one really because it SHOULD be cold, but then there is nothing worse than being too warm when running. 
Trojan was fairly arctic in fairness, and I think I chose my attire wisely (by sheer luck looking back on it- I hadn’t a CLUE what I was getting myself into).  (Look at the state of me over there---> far right.  LOL)
Apollo was lovely and warm so was quite easy to choose clothes.  (---> me in the middle looking MUCH fresher at the finish than at Trojan's finish.  LOL)
 You could have done it in a bikini if you were that way inclined, guaranteed afew cuts and bruises, but you would have been fine. 
But Titan?  I dunno.  It could go any way really, couldn’t it?  I mean, look at it now.  It’s October and you easily could have barbequed yesterday in shorts and T-shirt. 

Taking all the possible weather factors into consideration (which don’t really matter at all when it comes to Hell & Back... LOL) I think I have picked out my ‘race day’ gear.  I have listed in order of importance. 

Socks:  Socks are SO important.  The wrong pair or ones that you are not well used to running in could be detrimental to you on the day, so get familiar with your favourite pair.  The last think you want is a blister and the resulting pain and agony as you drag yourself around Titan.  My socks of choice are Fusion ankle 1000 mile running socks.  They have a double layer with tactel lining (which whisks moisture away) and are guaranteed no blister.  I got mine in my trustee local store, Wild Side Sports in Bandon.  

Runners:  Again, so very important.  Have a pair that you have well worn in for race day.  I recommend trail runners as they have better grip and are still light.  My beauties are the ones that I got for Apollo earlier this year.  They are Salomon XR Mission Trail runners.  Again, I got them from Wild Side Sports in Bandon. 

Running pants- I have a pair of old ¾ length’s that I’ve had for years.  I’ve run the last two Hell & Back’s in them, so I might just finish off the year by wearing them again.  J  They are just basic running pants- I think I got them in Champion Sports but can’t be sure as the label has washed out.

Top- I CANT WAIT to collect my race pack and check out the purple Titan T-shirts.  We will, of course, be running it in these.  Good choice of colour folks of Hell & Back.  Tis’ my favourite. 

The rest is person specific really- contact lenses so I don’t run into a wall, a good sports bra etc.

It’s still four weeks away so perhaps the time has come to reward yourself for all of your hard work and training and buy yourself some new gear?   (ah go on... you deserve it!)

If you are in West Cork, I highly recommend Wild Side Sports in Bandon.  Phil and Laurie go above and beyond to make sure you are getting what is right for you. 

If you are in Cork City, the good folks and partners of Hell & Back, 53 degrees North can sort you out.  They also have a HUGE store up in Carrickmines and Blanchardstown in Dublin. 

If you are in Dublin City, the superb The Great Outdoors is just off Grafton Street. 

I’m afraid I am not hugely familiar with others, but I am sure you will sort yourselves out, wherever you are.

Anyway, back to work-
Week 3 training is as follows:
35 sit ups x 4
1 pull up followed by 6 chin ups (it’s pushing it, but get a chair if you’re struggling)
12 push ups x 3
65 seconds planking.
Over the week:
Swimming- 35 lengths of the pool x2
6km runs x 2 (I was flattened this week with the running so am leaving it the same)

So there you have it, folks.  Good luck with this week’s training!




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