Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hell & Back; Titan. Training, week 2.

Hi Everybody!

How are you all doing?  The training going well I hope? My training could have been a lot better to be honest.  I am definitely finding it tougher than when I trained for Apollo.  Maybe it's the time of the year or the weather, but whatever it is, it's time to get over it.  It's time power on through and push ahead with training.

I found myself feeling tired ALL the time last week, and it wasn't until Thursday or Friday that I realised that I wasn't drinking enough water.  So my tip this week, because it's so easy to forget... Drink more water.   Have a bottle on you and sip away throughout the day.  *Super bonus* You'd be surprised how the nibbling/snacking reduces because of it. :). Press play on this video for this posts motivational music... Har har har

So what's inshore for this week you ask?  WELL! After seeing the interactive course map that the fine folk of hell & back posted online afew days ago...(click here)  *nervous laughter*, I think it's time to ramp it up a notch.

WEEK 2 is as follows:
30 sit ups x 3
1 pull up followed by 5 chin ups
8 push ups x 3
60 second planking
Over the week:
5 km runs x 2 to get used to the little bit of running again (I think I've forgot how to do it. LOL)

Next weekend is Mudlsinger, Kerri's hen party- so diet and daily exercise is bound to go out the window.  As a challenge, we are planning on going up Carrauntoohil so all going well, we will make it to the top & I'll have some photos of that for next week.

Until then- Power on, my training buddies.

:) toodles.

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