Friday, August 2, 2013

Its been a while!

Hiya Lads and Ladies!

I hope everyone is doing absolutely fabulously.  :)   That superb spell of sunny weather has had me (and the rest of the population!) out and about enjoying our stunning country.  It really is one of the best places in the world to be when the sun shines and the temperatures are soaring. 

Highlights in the past few weeks?... Sun, barbeques, beach, sea, kayaking, birthdays, celebrating- you name it! 
Kayaking with H2O sea kayaking (they do SUPERB kayak trips and tours, check them out)

On the flipside, the beautiful tallship 'Astrid' unfortunately struck rocks just outside Kinsale harbour and is now sitting at the bottom of the cliffs- the rising and falling tide giving various glimpses of the sunken beauty.  Thankfully all of the crew were rescued unharmed, so hats off to the speedy response of all boats in the area that day and of course the coastguard and RNLI.  A superb job lads & ladies. 

I am getting one of my favourite images printed out on a new style metallic paper, dry mounted and framed in Studio1 Kinsale and I have to say, I cant WAIT to see the finished piece.  Watch this space.

Lastly, I am heading up to Dublin tomorrow to conclude my training blog/supercool action video/participation in Hell and Back Apollo.    The devilish organisers are wrapping up my Apollo training experience with a gruelling indepth interview.  I am assuming that there will be no torture methods used, but then, they are well experienced in such ways, so you never know.  *bites nails*
Also watch this space.

So, With Hell and Back, Titan looming on the horizon- I suppose I really must get the finger out?  Eh? 

Toodles for now.

Jen :)

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