Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hell and Back training, Week 5!

I am going to make no excuse this week.  I was just pure, 100% downright lazy and completely neglected my week training plan.  I did, however, turn 34 this week AND I have picked up a cold/sinus thingy, so perhaps that gains me some credit?... no?... Ah go on... No?  Alright, fair enough so. 

I started off so, so well but each week I have been getting a little more laxy daisy.  Like a sack of spuds, I have fallen off the horse- BUT, I have good plans to turn it all around.
This week we did do our ‘Team Training Challenge’.  It was great to get all Mudslingers out as a group and do some really alternative (goofy) training.  I'll take this opportunity to introduce you... :)
L-R:  Raul Juan Carlos Massif (LOL), Kerri, Dave & I.
Our location was Shippool Woods, near Innishannon, co Cork.  The weather was all over the place (hailstones, sun, wind, rain- the usual Irish summer) and the spirits were high. 

The forest was quite damp which made the air really lovely (if you know what I mean).  It was heavy, cool, damp air with that distinct forest smell and the ground underfoot had that springy sensation.  We ran along what used to be a track but is now well overgrown due to lack of use and really made use of fallen trees and steep inclines as you can see... *titter* 

In fairness, not only was it a really great laugh, but we got as much, if not a better work out than one can get in a gym or with dumbbells etc.  It really brought home the point of just getting out there and using what you can for fitness.  There really are no excuses.

As we made our way through the forest, we came to a clearing that is used for camping so we made use of the wood and rocks that we found around there (as you can see... *hee hee hee*) 

On our way back, we came across a huge patch of newly planted oak trees- there may have been more varieties, but they were saplings & protected by tubes so I couldn’t see.  It was a lovely reminder that all of our forests are constantly being replenished and looked after and most are free for us to explore.  Carefully making our way down through them, I was reminded of the potential sale of our countries forests. 

(I don’t want to go off topic here or rant, but its a topic close to my heart, so I’ll make this fast: )
We go about our lives and all of this is around us.  Some people, unfortunately for them, never experience the amazing mountains and forests that we have here.  Some do-maybe just once or twice a year and others who know what’s out there, get out there regularly.   Coillte (the Irish forestry commission) look after and maintain trails and walkways in our forests and mountains and there is no guarantee that, if our forests are sold, the new owners will maintain these as Coillte is doing for the people of Ireland. 
So many people aren’t really aware of the potential sale of our forests and its resulting impact so I think it’s extremely important to spread the word.  Even if only one of you forwards this on, it’s one more person and together we can all make a difference.  Click here for a 4.5 minute enlightening video- Its worthwhile watching.
Thank you for reading that, and Rant over.  I promise.
So- It really was fantastic to get out running in a forest so my tip for this week is: *drum roll*
This week’s tip:
  • Go running in a forest (it will strengthen up your ankles and your lungs and mental state will thank you for it)

Seeing as I did not complete week 4, I have nothing to review or update for you, so I am going to rename week 4, ‘Week 5’ and power on with that for this week. (see previous blogpost for week 4 training plan)

So there you have it.  27 days and counting.  Will YOU be ready in time?


  1. This is amazing, Jen! I'm so proud of you! I love all the pics!

    1. Thanks, Morgan! Over the half way mark now... Eeeek! :)


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