Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hell and Back training, Week 6!

My, oh my, how the weeks are just FLYING...

I am beginning to get a little bit apprehensive now.  Here is my musical tone for this week- please click play then read on- I feel it adds to my apprehension... LOL

I have been lacking in hill runs (well, to be honest, I have been lacking in running full stop).  I picked up some nasty chest infection type thing so I have been struggling to get rid of that before going for a run.  The last thing I want to do it make it worse and loose more time.  I have been getting out with the double buggy- though not as often as I like, but I have to say, a 5km power walk (with hills) with that containing my two boys and groceries is a fair strain on the muscles. 

I'm hoping for a run this week, so will keep you posted there. 
How are you all getting on?  Not long left now... tick tock!  And, did you see the new obstacle that Hell & Back posted on facebook?  No?  Go check it out... OUCH!!!  LOL.

This weeks tip:

  • Go running up hills.  And maybe practice ducking while you run.  ;)
Apologies for the quick update this week, things are a bit manic at the moment.  As Arnie says- "I'll be back"

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hell and Back training, Week 5!

I am going to make no excuse this week.  I was just pure, 100% downright lazy and completely neglected my week training plan.  I did, however, turn 34 this week AND I have picked up a cold/sinus thingy, so perhaps that gains me some credit?... no?... Ah go on... No?  Alright, fair enough so. 

I started off so, so well but each week I have been getting a little more laxy daisy.  Like a sack of spuds, I have fallen off the horse- BUT, I have good plans to turn it all around.
This week we did do our ‘Team Training Challenge’.  It was great to get all Mudslingers out as a group and do some really alternative (goofy) training.  I'll take this opportunity to introduce you... :)
L-R:  Raul Juan Carlos Massif (LOL), Kerri, Dave & I.
Our location was Shippool Woods, near Innishannon, co Cork.  The weather was all over the place (hailstones, sun, wind, rain- the usual Irish summer) and the spirits were high. 

The forest was quite damp which made the air really lovely (if you know what I mean).  It was heavy, cool, damp air with that distinct forest smell and the ground underfoot had that springy sensation.  We ran along what used to be a track but is now well overgrown due to lack of use and really made use of fallen trees and steep inclines as you can see... *titter* 

In fairness, not only was it a really great laugh, but we got as much, if not a better work out than one can get in a gym or with dumbbells etc.  It really brought home the point of just getting out there and using what you can for fitness.  There really are no excuses.

As we made our way through the forest, we came to a clearing that is used for camping so we made use of the wood and rocks that we found around there (as you can see... *hee hee hee*) 

On our way back, we came across a huge patch of newly planted oak trees- there may have been more varieties, but they were saplings & protected by tubes so I couldn’t see.  It was a lovely reminder that all of our forests are constantly being replenished and looked after and most are free for us to explore.  Carefully making our way down through them, I was reminded of the potential sale of our countries forests. 

(I don’t want to go off topic here or rant, but its a topic close to my heart, so I’ll make this fast: )
We go about our lives and all of this is around us.  Some people, unfortunately for them, never experience the amazing mountains and forests that we have here.  Some do-maybe just once or twice a year and others who know what’s out there, get out there regularly.   Coillte (the Irish forestry commission) look after and maintain trails and walkways in our forests and mountains and there is no guarantee that, if our forests are sold, the new owners will maintain these as Coillte is doing for the people of Ireland. 
So many people aren’t really aware of the potential sale of our forests and its resulting impact so I think it’s extremely important to spread the word.  Even if only one of you forwards this on, it’s one more person and together we can all make a difference.  Click here for a 4.5 minute enlightening video- Its worthwhile watching.
Thank you for reading that, and Rant over.  I promise.
So- It really was fantastic to get out running in a forest so my tip for this week is: *drum roll*
This week’s tip:
  • Go running in a forest (it will strengthen up your ankles and your lungs and mental state will thank you for it)

Seeing as I did not complete week 4, I have nothing to review or update for you, so I am going to rename week 4, ‘Week 5’ and power on with that for this week. (see previous blogpost for week 4 training plan)

So there you have it.  27 days and counting.  Will YOU be ready in time?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Hell and Back training. Week 4!

Good evening all. 

I am posting this weeks update a day early because, well, to be honest, Ive been a bit of a lazy cow and broken my rules.  *looks around innocently*
My musical mood this week as follows... (actually, this kind of has a bit of a 'Hell and Back' team misery feel about it for me too...)  click play and read on.  :)
What a crappy week it has been- both weather wise and training wise.  I TOTALLY didn’t give training 100% this week, I had wine AND, the mortal sin of eating... I succumbed to the Eurosaver menu and had a double cheeseburger- and I’m disgusted with myself for it. 
My daily bits were kind of similar to last weeks, but I did manage to get the reps up to 15 for the pushups, sit-ups and squats.  Here are the daily numbers:

Week 3 summary:
  • 75ish seconds of planking
  • 3 min 30 seconds min of lat raises
  • 35 seconds right side side planking- wrist killing me
  • 30 seconds left side planking- wrist again
  • 2ish minutes of wall squatting
  • 3 sets of 7 pushups and one maxing out (more than 10 if possible) maxed out at 10
  • 3 sets of 15 sit ups
  • 3 sets of 15 squats with 5kg squatting bar.
  • Pull ups- 10 assisted green band
Day 15- Rest day
Day 16- 5.21km powerwalk with double buggy
Day 17- 10.42km powerwalk with double buggy
Day 18- Did sod all.  Even had McDonalds and wine.  *Sobs*
Day 19- 7.56km powerwalk with double buggy.
Day 20- 8km powerwalk with double buggy.  
Day 21- *taps foot*

How are you all getting on?  Excellent, I hope!  The days are just piddling away and the Hell and Back day will be upon us before we know it! 
I was chatting to my better half and he thinks I should shake things up a bit and change my daily training bits.  He is probably right, perhaps this is why I had a crappy week- the boredom is kicking in.  Ooh- on that note- did you see the new obstacle that the makers of 'Hell and Back' are working on?  Its called 'The Pitfall'  LOL.  Hillarious. 

Tips for this week:
  • Suck it up.  Training hurts, deal with it.
  • Stop using your dodgy knees as an excuse and get off your arse.
  • Put down the chocolate digestive.  You dont need it.
  • Mc Donalds and wine is not the answer.
  • An innocent little double cheeseburger has 440 calories.  Take a moment to think about that.
  • Sweating, unfortunately, is not an option.  If youre not sweating, youre not doing it right.
  • Mix things up if youre getting bored.

Heading into Week 4 training, I am hoping to get a team training session in and jiggy up the daily challenges to keep it a bit fresh and get a bit of muscle confusion in. 

I will pop up a new post if I change my daily tasks for next week, but otherwise, heres how were looking:

Week 4 training plan:

  • 75 seconds of planking
  • 3 min 30 seconds min of lat raises
  • 40 seconds right side side planking- wrist killing me
  • 40 seconds left side planking- wrist again
  • 3 minutes of wall squatting
  • 3 sets of 7 pushups and one maxing out (more than 10 if possible) maxed out at 10
  • 3 sets of 15 sit ups
  • 3 sets of 15 squats with 5kg squatting bar.
  • Pull ups- 10 assisted green band
Two 10km walks
One 8km run
One 6km run

Its gonna be a tough week because I am turning 34 (yes... 34!  ARGH!!!) in week 4, but hopefully that thought will drive me to me super motivated and power on through like nothing is happening.  ;)

Have a great week, everyone! 


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hell & Back training. Week 3!

Hello all, from the end of week 2 and the beginning of week 3!

I hope you are all training away happily knowing that there are just 41 days left (agggghhaaaaaaa!!!) until D-day.  How was your week this week? 
I had an interesting week.  To give the overall feel, I have decided to have a ‘song of the week’ to
summarise my ‘zone’.  Press play on the below to get the tone for this week’s training and you can listen as you read. ;)   

It was fairly slow week in comparison to last week.  I found it harder to get motivated- but I guess I was raring to go at the start and as time passes and things get repetitive, it gets tougher.  I am still finding the isometrics tough but my times are getting a teeny bit better.  Slow and steady wins the race. 

But one thing that I had an ‘OH MY GOD!’ moment with was my running (and the main reason for me including my song of the week idea)...

I decided to change my route because I’ve been kind of walking and running the same circuit since week 1.  So, there I was, jogging along with my playlist playing on my iphone.  The new route has two nasty hills at the start so I was absolutely dying after them (you know that kind of burning sensation at the back of your throat and not quite having enough moisture in your mouth to swallow so you’re kind of, cough-gagging?  Yeah?  That feeling).  So, anyway- my calves were burning, sweat dribbling into my eyes making my contact lenses feel like acid, even my arms were killing me and I was ready to stop and walk a while when suddenly the song ‘Live and let die’ started playing.  I kind of got into a slow jog and my mind wandered as I enjoyed the scenery around me when suddenly it hit me *BAM*.  I was no longer thinking about running or the pain in my muscles or the sweat or the gagging... I was *gulp* ENJOYING myself!  What the Hell??? 

So THIS is what people must mean when they say they enjoy running... It’s those moments AFTER the 10 or so disgusting, inhuman, self-combusting minutes of feeling crap.  I am probably not describing it quite accurately, but perhaps it different for everyone.  All I know is, on day 13 of my training plan, I had ‘a moment’ of realisation (a realisation of what, I don’t quite know- but I was kind of enjoying myself so I guess that’s all that really matters).
So yes- I ran, and I ran, and I ran and I didn’t stop until I got home.  8.07 Kilometres of gag worthy running.  I am well chuffed with myself and feeling better about the prospect of actually being ready for Hell & Back Apollo in 41 days. 

Here is a breakdown of this week
Week 2 summary:
  • 72 seconds of planking
  • 2 min of lat raises
  • 20 seconds right side side planking- wrist killing me
  • 42 seconds left side planking- wrist again
  • 3 minutes 25 seconds of wall squatting
  • 3 sets of 6 pushups and one maxing out (more than 10 if possible) maxed out at 10
  • 3 sets of 12 sit ups
  • 3 sets of 12 squats with 5kg squatting bar.
  • Pull ups- 10 assisted with stretchy band.

Day 8:  Nothing additional.
Day 9:  11.10km powerwalk with the double buggy         
Day 10: 7.81km powerwalk with the double buggy
Day 11:  Nothing additional.
Day 12:  Nothing additional.
Day 13: 8.07km run.
Day 14:  4.43km powerwalk with double buggy.
Now, to try to keep consistent, here is this week’s torture:
Week 3 training plan.
  • 75 seconds of planking
  • 2.5 min of lat raises
  • 25 seconds right side side planking- wrist killing me
  • 25 seconds left side planking- wrist again
  • 3 minutes 30 seconds of wall squatting
  • 3 sets of 7 pushups and one maxing out (more than 10 if possible)
  • 3 sets of 15 sit ups
  • 3 sets of 15 squats with 5kg squatting bar.
  • Pull ups- 10 assisted with stretchy band.

Two 10km walks.
One 8km run.
One 6km run.
I think this week is going to be tougher than last week in the motivation department.  What do you recon? 

Anyway, I hope you all have a super training week- let me know how you are doing & don’t forget, if you want to chat, I am here (comment below), here on facebook, or here on twitter. 

One vaguely amusing and disgusting point to mention from this week.  I did, at one point, eat a bug of some sorts and had a Goldie Hawn moment...



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