Friday, April 19, 2013

Hell & Back, Training ALMOST starts...

WELL!  What can I say?  “Argh!” seems appropriate. 
This afternoon, I did a tester of the daily training that I have set out for my 8 week training plan and Oh.My.GOD!

The pain.  The agony.  The gagging.  The sweat.  All of the things that one conveniently forgets AFTER the fact. 
Exercise/childbirth... what’s the difference.  Har har har.  I, of course, am only kidding. 

I was a little hesitant at the start line of Hell and Back Trojan as I had only had a Caesarean section six months prior, but I was surprised to find that it was nothing related to that that slowed me down, but my sheer reluctance to get that gaggy burny feeling at the back of my throat.  You know that unfit, lactic acid feeling where you want nothing more than to just lie down and stare at clouds?   That’s the one.  So I swore to myself, as my husband dragged me around the course, that if (IF) I were to do anything like this again, that I was going to well prepare myself for it. 
Another Hell and Back Trojan survivor (completing the course in an amazing 1:35:44) and lovely lass whom I met today in the Twitter/bloggersverse, is Sarah, and she too is blogging about her training.  Do pop over to say hi and have a read here.  I am truly motivated as ever after reading her most recent post, so, so...

So here I am.  Much as I want to, I am NOT going to adjust my training plan, because I know deep down that I can do this.  It’s the Carbs and wine loving me, sitting on my shoulder, taunting me to lower the numbers in the sets, or lighten the weights, but NO.  I will not listen. 
(Note to the chubby little wine sipping me;  “Bugger off, please.”)

So, here are my max out numbers just before day one of this challenging 8 weeks... They might not be impressive, but they are the best I can do right now (and I havent' even started the running yet...)  Let’s hope that by the end of 8 weeks, I will be soaring far and beyond...
  • Push ups (full ones, not the girly ones):  12
    Sporting the very sexy 'I made it thru Hell & Back' T-shirt. LOL

  • Sit ups (weight on feet for support): 30
  • Pull ups (assisted with stretchy band): 6
  • Skipping: 3 minutes (and OMG- agony at that... how I did this for hours on end as a child baffles me...)
  • Squats (with 15kgs weight): 40
  • Plank: 3 minutes (and thats being Very generous... I was dying after a minute)
  • Wall squat: 3 minutes (again, burning and dying after a minute)
  • Side plank:  Im just going to laugh here and take a guess of about a minute as my arms were dead after the plank, but im aiming for 3 mintues.
  • Lat raise (with 5kgs weights):  3 agonising minutes)

Up... Up... UP...
I did make an addition of scaling the shed attached to my house.  Its about 7ft high, so I figure the struggling will 'help' with whatever the Hell & Back, Apollo organisers have got planned.

And shes UP!  Hurray!!!
As for nutrition, I am keeping it fairly simple.  Having to cook for a husband a baby and a toddler is tough enough, so I am going for the simple approach, cutting out treats, snacks and alcohol.  Meals will be quick, like Meat and two veg/stews/whole grains etc.  I will be trying to cut down on the carbs and increase the protein, but I’ll see how that goes as we can’t be too flahulach. 

So, yes.  I will wake in pain tomorrow, and it will be worse on Sunday, but I know its coming and am prepared for it.  I am looking forward to really getting stuck into my training and really seeing some results.  Are you?

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  1. Aw well done Jenny go for it !! There'll still be wine & carbs after Hell & Back so don't give in now :)) though don't be surprised if your neighbours call the garda reporting intruders jumping over walls !


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