Sunday, September 16, 2012

Impatience & productivity

I’ve been sitting here staring at the cursor impatiently flashing at me, taunting me to write a blog post and I have to admit, my brain is fried.  I (when I have two free seconds...) browse through other blogs, reading all of these funny, informative, witty and amusing blogs and think to myself- how on earth do people do it?  I mean, where do you all find the time?  I’m going with the ‘dog eat dog world so never show any signs of weakness’ theory?  LOL.  So here is my little ditty of honesty...

What do you do when you hit that wall of nothingness?  I mean, it’s not like I have nothing to do- but perhaps that’s my problem?  I have, what feels like, six millions balls in the air, juggling like a madwoman, never finishing one thing and having to jump to start another.  My day is filled with thousands of mundane tasks that all take up teeny tiny amounts of time.  I never really achieve or finish anything and still, I am left short of time, rushing to catch up at the end of the day.  (Albeit as quietly as possible as to not wake sleeping kids!)

I take my hat off to all of you stay at home successful working moms and dads- and single working parents?  You should be given some sort of huge award!

At the moment, my day consists of feeding, entertaining, avoiding toddler meltdown, cleaning, avoiding ‘boo boo’s’, cooking, planning exercise that I never get time to do and dreaming of holidays and family visits.  I do attempt to have some adult conversation during the day (week!) so I don’t go completely bonkers while humming the theme tune to ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ or ‘The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’.  

I do, on the other hand, have some superbly productive days so I think I may just be in that, ‘two kids under the age of two’ zone, where you have to keep your head down and suck it up for a few months/years (!!) until you get your own time back...  You know?  That delicious feeling when you wake up, not singing ‘Macka packa, acka whacka, icaka acka oooh’ or can have a shower at the drop of a hat... *stares off into space at the thought of a long hot uninterrupted shower* 
Anyway *comes back to reality*, I had one of these fabulous productive days recently.  I was shooting this band called 'The Black Stalks' who were doing a gig in Crowleys Music Centre (Fantastic spot & amazing handmade instruments!  Check out their facebook page) in Cork city and it hit me- how lucky I am.  How many people can leave their 8 week old and 18 month old at home at the drop of a hat and go and do a job that they love?  Not many methinks!  PLUS, I get to enjoy the music and craic?  Score on all counts!  Here are some picks of the lads doing their thing- brilliant band too, you should check them out ( or they have a facebook page 'The Black Stalks'.  Ooh ooh- if you're only going to listen to one song, I recommend 'March of the Clowns' :) )



So here I am- it’s almost 9pm (& I started at 8am... ) and I am finally getting back to writing this.

How on earth do you to it, people?  Is there some wonder vitamin that I haven’t heard about or should I be drinking more than one cup of coffee a day???  Do you all have a structure that you work to or just wing it with achieving goals?  I would love any tips that you may have... (Even fast dinner recipes... har har har)

Tomorrow, I WILL make it out with the camera... *repeats manically to myself*

Toodles for now!  *rushes off to charge camera batteries & format new memory card*


  1. Ohhhhhh Jen... if you figure it out will you tell me??? ;)

    Gosh, I know I'm just doing the best I can. I swear life is one of those "One step forward, and two steps back" things... It isn't until a year has passed that I think, "Ok, so I really have done something." It certainly doesn't feel like it day to day!

    One thing that helps me is lowering my expectations, LOL... If I embrace the chaos, know that not any laundry is going to get done today, and choose to spend that 10 minutes writing a few words, I'm a happier person. Those 10 minutes is a step forward, in my opinion.

    But you're in SUCH a hard place... holy... it gets easier! It does! When those kiddies get in school, you start to have moments of sanity... I think...

    1. Aaah, Morgan! If there is anyone that I believe, its amazing mommies with 4 kids! LOL. I think you are right- give it the year and then look back. (yes... yes, that makes me feel much better! I DO achieve things! LOL) Isnt it funny how daily family life just sucks all the time out of the day? In saying that, I wouldnt change a thing! :)

      ...Pending sanity :)

      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Jen, you are too cool. Move to the States already! ;)

  2. Love it Jen, You have pretty much summed up my day, albeit without a camera of course. Wait till the two hits two and a half and you will be signing Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam till your blue!!!

    I did wonder myself if there was any legal/safe form of amphetamine that would keep me alert, active and not nodding off like a narcoleptic!!! ;)))

    Keep going with the writing, I attempted it once and sleep deprivation took over, never returned to it unfortunately but maybe one day I shall be inspired again by an all singing, all dancing, all amazing Mum of 2 under 2!!! xx

    1. Har har har, Oonagh- you crack me up. Im thinking 'Berocca' is the closest thing we can come to keep us from nodding off. ;)

      And shucks! Come back to writing! Its fun and super to have the brain engaged in something other than counting to five, three thousand times with the big purple dinosaur. LOL. Seriously! There is a super online community to keep you well in line and motivated. :) (have I convinced you yet?..)


  3. Howareye Jen,

    Listen, I'm no expert, but here's my two shillings about saving writing time when it comes to blogs (and I want me bleedin' change back if ye don't like all me idears.

    First thing I do is I *never* read comments of posts that I comment on (so if someone above has already said that, I'm sorry.)

    The reason is... you read some deadly comments, and then go follow thwm and comment on other of their posts... and next thing... it's an hour later and you *haven't* commented on the original post.

    Second thing is: see above :)

    Go on, and congrats with the wee young fella.... he looks like he's going to be a grand lad (read: handful :)

    And, would you have it any other way :)


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