Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Well... Where to start?  I must apologise as it’s been a while.  So much has happened over the past few weeks, its just insane.  We have had job changes, births, deaths, house moves, breakages, fixing of breakages... the list goes on, but things are settling down now so I can try to get back on track with normality (whatever THAT feels like... LOL)
I would like to introduce you to the main reason for my absence in the blogosphere.  Arriving in July, a little (!!!) 8lbs 8oz bundle of joy, joined his brother in a mission to abolish me of all, if any camera/work time. 

So without further ado, please meet Rónan (my ‘little seal’- arf arf arf)

He had the special treat of meeting his Aunt, Uncle & cousins who came all the way from Boston especially to meet him- what a lucky little fella.  Here they are, arent they all fabulous! 

Adding to my reason for absence- did I tell you all that I will be photographing my very first wedding?  No?  Well, that’s because the reality of the situation has scared the PANTS off me...  (Only kidding!  J) 

I have really been up to my eyeballs researching, purchasing & experimenting with new kit.  I am SO excited to be recording this particular wedding as it is for one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world.  It will be such an amazing & special day- I am honoured that she and her fiancé asked me and I take delight in recording their special day in pictures. They are both gorgeous & fabulous people and the location- oh wow... it’s STUNNING!  (I wonder would the bride like me to do a little blog post about them and the location?... J  Mmmmmmm *rubs imaginary beard in mischievous manner* Well- I know you are reading this... can I? Can I? Can I?)

Toodleloo for now!


  1. Awh Welcome back Jenny + 2 you certainly have been busy, great blog love the photos and congrats on your first Wedding Gig. Yay! you will be fab, enjoy :))

    1. Thanks Betty! Yes- busy is one word! LOL. It's all good though. Busy & scary keeps us on our toes!
      Im really looking forward to doing the wedding. Scary but fun (again, keeps us on our toes!)

      P.s- Hoover is in the county... ;)

  2. Eeeee!!!! Jen, ALL of your pictures are amazing... you're such a talent. The wedding will be beautiful! And look at how gorgeous Leigh is in that pic! And her kids... wow! It's funny, cuz I feel like I'm extended family or something and that I should've been there, LOL! (Is that creepy?) Ronan is such a fabulous name and he's beyond beautiful... <3

    1. Aw, Morgan! Thank you! And now that you mention it- it did feel like something was missing on the day! ;) *sweeeeeet disposition...*

      Thank you for your lovely comment. As always, you rock. MUST meet you in person some day. :) (from your recent trip to BEA & comments about Wendy, Im thinking you must be alot taller than I had imagined... har har har)


  3. LOL! I'm *just* seeing this, catching up on your blog... I'm totally not tall... well, I'm 5'5... is that tall to ye wee Irish folk??? I was just wearing monster shoes!

    I need more Ronan pics... ;)

    1. Har har har! 'wee Irish folk'??? LOL. That's right, we are all 4 ft nothing and spend our days 'tending the pah-tay-toe farm' in our bare feet. In our spare time, we dress in Green and protect out pot-o-gold while playing tricks on the foreign folk.



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