Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patricks Day!

Wishing you a very happy St Patricks Day, wherever you are in the world!  Below are afew fun photos from the Kinsale parade but I think this dude says it all withough saying a word! 

It was a smashing day in Kinsale- the first parade in Kinsale on St Patricks day for 6 years!  And what a success it was.  The rain and hail showers even paused to let the parade and paradee-goers enjoy themselves.  Afew pic's for you.  :)

Kinsale Equestrian Centre proudly sporting spiffing green jumpers and helmet bobbles.  And very little horse poopy on the streets- well done horseys! (yes, the same Kinsale Equestrian Centre that features in Leigh Fallon's, 'The Carrier of the Mark')
Pier Road, looking down towards the Marina.

This was a hillarious float.  Who comes up with the ideas??  LOL  (Check out news RE Barryroe oil find off Cork coast)

Dunderrow 'Riverdance'.  HOW this passed Health & Safety is beyond me.  LOL  (This is a giant trailer lined with plastic and filled with water and bubbles with a load of people dancing- all the while being pulled along by a tractor... Bahahahaha )

And this sweet little cupcake wandered through the crowds. 

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