Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th...

Is it just me, or are there a lot more nasty people out there lately. Maybe it's getting older, maybe is naivety, hell, maybe it's that there are, in fact, alot of nasty people out there, but they all seem to be rearing their nasty heads lately.  I would need several hands with fingers to count how many friends and family have met with a 'nasty' of late. 

As children in school, we were friends with everyone. There were no underlying meanings, no nastiness (and if there was, it was unintentional and went way over our heads anyway as we were more interested in figuring out why the sky was blue or watching in awe how that little line of ants carried the impossible weight of an AppleCore back to their nest)

So what happened along the way?  We grew up, obviously- but why should ageing bring with it, the nastiness and meanness and more to the point, why should we care what others think? 

Through the medium of twitter (and facebook), I have met so many wonderful people. Such upbeat, happy and honest people. Hardworking, amusing, helpful- overall just wonderful people. (don't get me wrong, but there are afew nasty buggers in there too, but they generally seem to keep in their own circles).  Everyone seems so happy ALL the time- but what about the non online time?  I know, I know, your probably thinking 'but Jen, you are always SO fantastic and happy', but alas, guys and gals, I too have my off days.  ;)
You know, those days when everything seems to be going against you?  Ah yes, we all know them well.  Well, today is my perfect example:

So far, I *clears throat & takes a deep breath*: spilt coffee down my front, drank sour milk, tripped on three steps, dropped my bag (upside down, contents EVERYWHERE) TWICE, got caught in the rain with freshly straightened hair.  A while ago, I was sitting at my desk in work and I had a box of grapes in front of me to nibble on.  Every time I reached for one, I dropped it.  I mean EVERY TIME.  By the time I got to the 16th one (and after a laughing fit)  I admitted defeat and stopped trying.  I then encountered several REALLY nasty, impatient and rude individuals and dealt with them as best I could.  After crawling around the floor retrieving the runaway grapes, I went to wash my hands and (yes, you know it) the force of the water in the tap sprayed me from stomach to knees.  So, hungry and soggy, I am about to scurry home with my tail bewteen my legs.  Looking forward to crawling under the duvet and hiding from the remainder of this spiffing day.  Go go the 13th! 

I hope you all have been having nice day today and so far this year and have not run in to any 'nasty' individuals.  And remember, if you do, they are not worth it.  Let them fester, they appear to be happiest festering so leave them to it!  What goes around, comes around.

I must get out with the camera soon, the evenings have been fabulous lately- I have no excuses- though I dare not touch it today!
For now, Toodles!

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