Friday, October 21, 2011


After a long stare out the window this morning, I hereby declare this "Beige season"!

I was wondering why I haven't been out with the camera over the last week or so... Is it just me, or is everything beige at the moment?  :)

The light is dull all day.  The colours are dull.  The trees are mid way through loosing their leaves so roads and paths are cluttered with a mushy beige-brown sludge from dying foliage and debris.  The combine harvesters have done their jobs replacing the once lush thriving crops with wet, muddy ploughed fields (now also a beige-brown colour).  All fruit has disappeared from trees and bushes, leaving behind bare skeletons, already prepared for the cold months ahead and awaiting spring.

In saying that, its PERFECT Halloween weather.   Wet, windy, dull and spooky!  Eerie crackling in forests and twigs snapping.  Strange creaks and squeaks from the attic.  Howling wind in the chimney.  The swing in the garden swinging its eerie sway all alone with just enough of a regular swing so you can almost see the outline of a little person there.  Mmm, yes, it certainly is the season to be spooky (fa la la la la, la la, la, la)

Ooh- this spurs a spooky memory from the depths of my brain... one which I might share with you in this beige & spooky approach to All hallows eve...

Stay tuned...Ooooooooooo

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