Friday, September 30, 2011

Touching base...

Hi Everyone!  *Waves*

Just a quick update from the ever HOT Boston, MA.  Weather is Hot Hot HOT here!  Well, it is for me anyway, given that I am more accustomed to the perpetual sunny/cold/drizzly/windy weather at home.  Humidity is such an underestimated thing- I mean, hair alone takes on a life of its own (Seriously... I have Diana Ross perched on my forehead) and then there's the feeling of breathing and walking in a huge pond of warm water.  Lovely.  :)  Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining.  I'm loving the change, it just takes afew days to get used to. 

Leaves are beginning to fall and the plane packed with Irish is landing as I type.  The next few days are going to be MANIC!  I can't wait!  Hoards of people are coming together to celebrate the fantastic launch of my sisters debut novel, 'Carrier of the Mark' on Tuesday!  So, batten down the hatches and hang on to your hats, Boston, for you are about to be invaded by high pitched screaming and jumping girls (& boys!). 

To all those in the US, please do pop in to a bookstore on Tuesday (4th October) and have a peek at the UBER gorgeous book 'Carrier of the Mark' and pick yourself up a copy.  Open up that back page and be sure to have a peek at the author portrait!  You might just see a familiar name *cough cough- ME!- cough cough*

On a final note, if anyone is in bookshops around the MA area on Tuesday, be sure to keep an eye out for a suspiciously large group squealing loudly and waving books in the air... it might just be us!  (if you think it is, make sure you say 'Hi' as Leigh, being the super duper nice author that she is, might just sign a copy for you!)

Talk to you all soon! 

Toodles!  :)

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