Monday, September 12, 2011

And we have a WINNER! Woooooo!

Thanks to the powers of random selection through the ‘Twitterverse’, the winner has been chosen!   

Congratulations to Christine Murray!  You are now the proud owner of:

-The amazing CD album ‘Parcels and Polaroids’  by ‘The Pawnshop Manual’; ( )

-An A4 print of your choice of any of my photo’s, you can browse here: and...

-The ever amazing surprise prize! 

Now I know you have all been on the edge of your seats...

The surprise prize was- a very amusing, yet ridiculously cheesy, touristy type porcelain model of a sheep, but unfortunately (but probably luckily for the winner- LOL) it got broken on its journey back from Dublin- SO...

The ‘Surprise prize’ is now, either *clears throat*: have your print mounted and ready for hanging like the example on right: (surround will be complimenting colour of your chosen print, example photo here), OR another A4 print of your choice.  

Christine, Please DM me (either through Twitter, Facebook or email me at ) with your choice of print, surprise prize choice and postal address and I will get your swag off to you ASAP.  Yay!

Thanks everyone for entering through my blog, twitter and Facebook. 

Till next time, take care & Toodleloo!


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