Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exhibition done and dusted, what's next?

Hi Everyone! *Waves*

Well, the exhibition was a huge success.  Thank you SO much to everyone who came in to visit me over the two days.  It was so lovely to have visitors and meet so many of you. 

Several sales were made which was fantastic!  It was so interesting to see which exhibition pieces got the attention and which were glanced over.  Thankfully, not many were glanced over (phew!) but a few got a huge amount of interest which I was not expecting.

Without a doubt, ‘Finely Tuned’ was the most popular of the weekend, with the framed, finished piece selling along with 3 prints.  From what I gathered from the accents of the purchasers, these numbered editions will be hanging on the walls somewhere in America, England, Germany (but the accent might have been Austrian... not sure) and our very own Emerald Isle, Ireland.  There is already one in Canada, so it really must attract a Wiiiiiiide audience worldwide!  J  Yay!

The other numbered edition prints that sold were ‘Sandycove’ (a fine choice- one of my favourites too J ) and ‘Late in the Day’.

I must squeeze in a quick note about where I stayed.  It had, without a doubt, the BEST breakfast selection that I have ever seen and tasted.  I’m a fruity gal, and their fruit salad was freshly cut fruit with blueberries and strawberries etc (not a hint of the tinned stuff *crap-ehem* that you find in some hotels.) and they had other amazing breakfast selections; scrambled eggs with smoked salmon full Irish fry, porridge, pancakes, the list goes on.   It makes such a difference when the ‘B’ in the latter end of B&B is amazing. 

It is a Grade A, Georgian guesthouse a short stroll from the Grafton street and great value for money.  If you ever find yourself looking for somewhere to stay in Dublin, I highly recommend you check this place out.  Be sure to book directly with them to ensure all of your needs are catered for.  The staff are SO nice and helpful, in fact, they were so good, that that I gave them one of my framed pics as a thank you before leaving.  They chose 'The Heebeejeebies', so hopefully it will be happy on one of the walls of its new home.  If you do stay there, make sure you keep your eye out for it!  :) 

Well guys and gals, the light outside is amazing at the moment so I must dash to catch afew snaps.  Till next time.



  1. Congrats Jenny delighted it was such a success Yay!!. What a lovely gesture:) I'm sure the Kilronan are delighted with the new addition to their walls. Its so exciting to think your work will be hanging there for years to come :).

  2. Congratulations! Wish I had the money to buy some of your prints, they're beautiful :(

  3. Thanks guys! Oh, and Christine- you might win one of your choice, you have as good a chance as anyone of winning! ;)

  4. Congratulations! very nice blog:)


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