Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This morning, I posted on Facebook and Twitter a question; Land, Sea or Surprise?  The answer I received was a unified ‘Surprise’.
I had woken early and the sun was streaming through the curtains so I decided to spend most of the day taking photos.  It was so gorgeous; a cloudless sky, birds singing, cow’s mooing and a light breeze blowing- perfect for some nice clear shot’s. 
I finished up breakfast and headed off on my merry way to the place (I won’t name locations) that I planned to get the bulk of the day’s photographs.
On arrival it was beginning to cloud over, but I kept positive, determined to find my ‘Surprise’ photo.
And Surprise is what I got.
I opened the door of the Jeep and was hit with the smell of rotting seaweed.
Surprise #1, the tide was out.  Bugger.
Suprise #2, it had clouded over and rain was threatening.  Bugger, Bugger.
Suprise #3, the place where I was, wasn’t the place that I thought it was. Bugger, Bugger, Bugger.
Giving up there and then, I started to head home via one or two other potential locations, all of which proved futile. 
What is surprising is that, after giving up and on the way home, the clouds broke for a split second and I managed to get a ‘surprise’ photo!  I hope you like it.

A little lesson to myself (and for anyone else planning a day outside)
No matter what you are doing or how quick you will be; Be Prepared! 
It’s no surprise.

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