Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lens dilemma and COMPETITION TIME!

I went on a drive around town today to test out a few lenses (Thanks Aurin!) with a view to my next big purchase as our US trip is looming on the horizon.  My other half already has our ‘coming home bags’ fully loaded with bits and bobs he is planning to purchase *cough cough, yes Mr customs officer, they ARE gifts, cough cough* so I thought had better get my research done for my lens of choice and my game face on to battle for luggage space.
My toughest decision is where to start.  The choices are endless; Wide angle, Standard, telephoto, AF, non AF, etc and that’s before even going near the choices in Focal length and Apertures.  But what does it really come down to in the end? 

You’ve guessed it... Ka-ching!
Spondulux. Dollars, Euros, Wonga, whatever you want to call it, it all comes down to the price tag and the value that you are getting for your money.
Once you have eventually narrowed down the choice of lens type, the price range can vary hugely from store to store, so one really has to shop around as to not get shafted.  There is nothing worse than that moment when you are happily walking down the street with your ‘bargain’ purchase only to spot the exact same item in another store window for half the price.  Quite the bubble burster.
SO!  Where to start... do I want to get a fun lens that I can get limited goofy images with?  Or should I go with something that will increase my capture capability?  Oh decisions, decisions.

Enough of the waffle and on to the competition!  Yay!

One lucky person will win one of my photograph art prints of their choice. 
Click here to browse your potential winnings:  http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jennifer-conroy.html  If you have seen one of my photos in this blog/Facebook or Flickr that is not available there, let me know and I can include it.

So, all you have to do to enter is the following:
1: Follow my blog, (click the ‘follow’ button over thereà if you haven’t already)
2: Follow me on Facebook, (ditto to the above, click the ‘like’ button over thereà)
3: Let me know what your photo of choice is.
Optional bonus; follow me on Twitter (@jen_conroy).
Important!  Once you have the above done, don’t forget to leave me a comment here or post a message on my facebook page to ensure your entry is received. 
All valid entries will be included in the HIGHLY technical system of ‘name out of hat’ picking.  Photographic evidence will be uploaded.  J 
Competition is open until 1200 midday GMT on the 6th June so get cracking!   Good Luck!


  1. (Forgot to mention... competition is international :) )

  2. Ooooh Nice comp:) I have done all of the above, I have even tweeted the comp!! My choice??? I am finding it difficult to narrow down to one so I will be back with my choice later. good luck with the comp and sorry cannot help with your choice of lensx

  3. Kinsale sunset please :):):)

  4. http://cgi.ebay.com/Nikon-AF-S-105mm-f-2-8-F2-8-G-VR-Micro-Macro-Lens-NEW-/200611991173?pt=Camera_Lenses&hash=item2eb5680e85



    My money would be on a macro!! .. Great fun to use and add a whole new field to whats around.. you dont even need to leave the house!!


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