Sunday, May 15, 2011

And so the story begins...

Photography.  A Blog.  Why?

Well, I have always loved photography.  My camera is never far from my hands in daily life and especially on any occasion (To the detriment of my tormented family and friends J).  Over the years, I have accumulated thousands of shots and in turn, drawers and boxes exploding with photographs, negatives, half filed albums and crammed hard drives.

Last year Leigh Fallon, Author extradonaire (and my fabulous sister) asked me to take some head shots for her website and blog.  I, of course, obliged, so we set off on the journey to get her the perfect headshot.  It was a fun task, and one which I learnt a lot about portrait photography, the model and myself, the photographer.  From there, I continued focusing on portrait photography, experimenting with different subjects, settings and editing features.  Enjoying myself immensely, I began to go through my older photos, selecting one or two that I particularly loved and before I knew it, I had the beginnings of a portfolio of various works.

To my delight, one of my portrait’s of Leigh was printed earlier this year in several newspapers in Ireland and beyond (there was ALOT of high pitched ‘Squeeing’ around that time).

Her novel ‘The Carrier of the Mark’ has been published by HarperTeen and will be released this October in the US.  Isn’t the cover just gorgeous?

And here is the back.  Notice anything?

No?  Let me get closer... What about now?

Oh Yes!  That’s my name you are reading there!  There was quite a lot of ‘Squeeing’ when I saw this, I can tell you!

So from there I decided that enough was enough and started to seriously focus my time on Photography; for my own portfolio and the occasional job thrown in here and there (on that note, I will be in the Massachusetts area towards the end of the year if anyone else would like headshots done... LOL).  Having my own blog will give me the opportunity to show my photos, share stories, and ultimately have a laugh learning and getting feedback.

You can see other my other portraits of Leigh and find out more information about her and her book on her blog:

Thanks for stopping by! 

Till next time, Toodleloo!


  1. Woohoo! Your number one biggest fan here.
    Good luck with the blogging, Jen. You're off to a great start.


  2. another big fan! enjoyed the post, keep it coming!

  3. Some very powerful & intriguing images Jen. Thanks for your comment on my poem. Cheers, James.


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